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Roz Beste

I can help you with your business problems.

That includes everything from simple invoices to dashboards. Or even complex VBA macros that merge worksheets together.

I’m also a trainer and can mentor you to make your own spreadsheets if you prefer.

Roz Beste
0405 983 655

Certificate - Microsoft Office Specialist Expert in Excel 2010
Process Path

The Process




I have all these spreadsheets I have to merge together each month but it takes me hours. I think a macro could do it faster and with no mistakes.


Can you tell me more about the process?


Well, the sales people fill in one of these spreadsheet quotes for each client and sends it to me but I’d like to get stats on all these values but it takes me hours to do this manually. Could a macro do this? Also...


...I think I can help. I’ll need about 2 hours to get a basic working prototype to show you.
Then maybe another 2-5 hours after that to make any changes.


That sounds great. I’ll pay your initial 2 hr invoice now. I’m really looking forward to getting this going.


Please can you email me a few sample spreadsheets and an example management summary and I’ll get started. I’ll probably have a few more questions for you as I go but I should have a draft for you in the next few days.

Does it take you hours of moving your data around to complete your reports?
Maybe an Excel macro can help. Find out more.


My new spreadsheet macro saves me about 3 hours every week. I didn’t even know Excel could do this kind of thing.

Sarah P.

Roz picked up on our processes so quickly and asked all the right questions to get a great solution.

John L.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but Roz understood what I needed immediately. I highly recommend her work.

Peter V.

Thanks Roz for all your patience and hard work. The board members were really happy with the results.

Claire J.

Do you need help with your Excel spreadsheets? Give me a call.

Case Studies

1. Visualising Data in many columns


Client: Skin Cancer Researcher

This client has to record many items of data for each patient and for each skin cancer site. He was recording it in one row with many columns but it was difficult to see all the data for any one patient at one time.


I designed a worksheet to view one patient at a time. It uses VBA macros to record new data (into many columns of one row on the datasheet) and retrieve old data (from many columns of one row).

The data is stored in an efficient format and is now visible in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. This project was completed in 2 hours.

Skin Cancer Spreadsheet
Skin Cancer Spreadsheet

The final efficient design stores patient details in one worksheet and patient cancer sites in another worksheet.

Skin Cancer Spreadsheet

One patient can be viewed at a time. Other patients can be chosen from a dropdown.

2. Merging Multiple Spreadsheets


Client: Government department

The client issues grants to organisations. Every 6 months, every organisation is asked to fill in and return an Excel spreadsheet report showing how they have used the money to help people in the community.


I designed the original report spreadsheet (sent to the organisations) and a summary spreadsheet with a button which runs a macro to read in all the spreadsheets from a folder, checks they are not duplicates and summarizes the data from all the different questions.

This solution saved the client many painstaking hours of doing this work manually and provided report-ready charts.

Grant Reporting Spreadsheet

Some of the questions on the 6-monthly report that every organisation had to fill in.

Grant Reporting Spreadsheet

The summary report had a sheet for each question showing the answers from each organisation together with a chart that could be easily copied and pasted to Word or PowerPoint.

3. Dashboard


Client: Call Centre

The client needed to show some stats on a dashboard in an Excel spreadsheet.


In the final design the client can choose the month from a drop-down and instantly see the stats for the relevant month.

Call Centre Spreadsheet

The final design incorporates an Excel infographic-style dashboard. When a different month is chosen from the dropdown, all the numbers and graphs are updated.

4. Email from Excel


Client: Charity

The client keeps a list of all the external reports / licences / grant applications that they need to complete throughout the year. Once per month, multiple staff note their completion of these in a report for management.


I designed a sheet that used colours to show the number of days in advance of the due date. It also enabled reminder emails at the touch of a button, to be sent to the staff responsible for that report .

emailing spreadsheet

The compliance list includes all the reports, when they are due, when they have been submitted and a colour-coded number of days in advance/late.

emailing spreadsheet

Another sheet shows which reports are due soon or are already late, and an email can be written to the appropriate staff at the touch of a button.


Initial Consultation : Free (Phone or Skype)
Then $99.00 per hour (inc GST)


Do you work remotely?

Yes, many of my clients, I have worked with for many years but never met in person. We work over phone, email and Skype.

What happens if I need to make a change later?

No problem. You can come back after months or years and just pay my hourly rate to get any changes made. My programming is also well commented and easily understood by another VBA macro developer if I am not available.

Will I be able to see the VBA code you create?

Yes. The code is yours. I can show you how and where to edit it if you wish to.

Can you use VBA in Excel online (in your browser)

You can open and change data in Excel spreadsheets with VBA macros but unfortunately, you cannot run the VBA scripts in the browser at the moment.

Questions? Give me a call.