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Roz Beste

I have more than 15 years’ experience developing Access databases.

My clients have included everything from small businesses to large government departments.

I love to share my knowledge and I am also happy to mentor you in building your own databases.

Roz Beste
0405 983 655

Certificate - Microsoft Office Specialist in Access 2010
Process Path

The Process




I have all these spreadsheets. I think they could be connected together but I’m not sure how.


Let’s think about the end result first. What do you do with the information?


Well, the sales people need to see previous sales and create invoices;The warehouse staff make a stock report; and Management need some summaries but it takes hours to get all this information from different spreadsheets...


...I think I can help. I’ll need about 5 hours to get a basic working prototype to show you. Then maybe another 5-15 hours after that to make any changes.


That sounds great. I’ll pay your initial 5 hr invoice now.

I’m really looking forward to getting this going.


Please can you email me a copy of the spreadsheets and an example invoice, stock report and management summary and I’ll get going.

Does it take you hours of moving your data around to complete your reports?
Maybe an Access database can help. Find out more.


We love our new database. It is SO much easier to use that what we had before. We couldn't be happier.

James K.

The service I received was 110%. Roz was very knowledgable and helpful

Kate M.

Roz is really good at explaining things clearly and simply. She is very patient and always provides good value. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Alison S.

Roz Beste did a great job and very quickly. We are so happy with our new database. Many thanks for a fantastic service.

Dave L.

Is Access right for your situation?
Call me for a friendly chat to find out.

Case Study

CWM Logo

Canberra Weekly Magazine (CWM) is a free magazine that can be picked up at around 850 locations around Canberra such as shopping centres and cafes and is read by over 96,000 people.

CWM carefully record how many magazines are picked up at each location each week and tweak their future deliveries accordingly. Some locations have a maximum stand size and need to be topped up several times. Some locations ask for a specific number of magazines. Sometimes locations are closed for a few weeks.

How it was before


All this information was kept in large and unwieldy spreadsheets with a tab for each week and the information copied from the week before and then edited. Occasionally the formulas were changed on one tab - but not the others or locations were added or removed and the formulas not all updated to correctly calculate the sum meaning that not enough or too many magazines were printed or delivered. The spreadsheet was also difficult for new staff to understand and easy for them to mess up.

How the information is used


Printer - Needs to know how many magazines are to be printed each week. The printer divides the print order into different pallets to be delivered to different areas so these numbers also need to be calculated.

Delivery drivers - Need the address of every location and maybe some notes (for example: Need deliveries to both front and rear of shop) together with the number of copies delivered to each location and the order of delivery (so they are driving the quickest route) all printed on an easy to read, consistent format.

Management Reports - The advertisers want to know how many magazines are being picked up in which areas and from which type of location. CWM also wants to see if their deliveries are increasing over time.

The Finished Database


The finished database provided all the necessary information and much more. Most of the summaries were either visible on the dashboard or could easily be printed in a nicely formatted report at the touch of a button saving hours of weekly monotonous work.


Initial Consultation : Free (Phone or Skype)
Then $99.00 per hour (inc GST)

Contact me


Do you work remotely?

Yes, many of my clients, I have worked with for many years but never met in person. We work over phone, email and Skype.

What happens if I need to make a change later?

No problem. You can come back after months or years and just pay my hourly rate to get any changes made. My programming is also well commented and easily understood by another Access database designer if I am not available.

Can multiple people work on an Access database at the same time?

Yes, that is one of the advantages of using a database over Excel Spreadsheets.

Can you use Access on your phone?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Why use a database?

The main reasons for moving from spreadsheets to a database are:

  • Too much data (your spreadsheets are maxed out - or just too unwieldy to scroll and search. This may be from too many rows or too many columns or just too many spreadsheets)
  • Easily enter your data
  • Easily search and summarize your data
  • Easily create documents from your data - such as product catalogues or sales summaries that are always up-to-date.
  • Multi-user - Many staff can use the database at the same time. (Up to 10 easily - possibly more)
  • Prevents errors by having each piece of information (such as your product codes) in only one place. If you have many copies (in different Excel spreadsheets for example) you need to update things in many places which is error-prone and time-consuming)
  • Difficult to delete or mess-up your data (A database can easily put simple checks on your data as you enter it so your dates are within a certain period or prices are in the correct format.

Why use a Microsoft Access database?

  • Part of the Microsoft office suite - It has all the familiar toolbars you are used to and you may already own it.
  • Easy to convert/upgrade - Access is a great 'first database'. Once you have your data in Access it is easy to move to any other type of database (which you may do eventually if your business grows and you have much more data or many more staff using it, or want more advanced security or sharing)
  • User-friendly - The forms, queries and reports in Access are easy to use (and 'reasonably easy' to design). It is recommended to use an expert for the initial design of the database tables though because there are many things to consider at this point.

Questions? Give me a call.